Booking Terms & Conditions

Effective 1 January 2024

Payments & documentation

No bookings are confirmed until received by the Company and paid for in full; a paid ticket will always board in preference before a reservation booking or unpaid ticket. If you are unable to make payment at time of booking, your booking may be cancelled, and your reservation offered to another person if payment isn't received by the day prior to tour departure. Payments may be made by cash, eftpos or credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Amex. Group Bookings: A 20% deposit is required to hold your booking. Full payment is required 5 days prior to the date of your tour. A passenger manifest for your group must be supplied at point of booking.


To cover cancellation and other unforeseen circumstances we strongly recommend insurance. Please ask your travel agent or insurance company for details.

Participant Cancellation Policy

Refunds are made at point of ticket issue only or on written application in case of website internet ticket purchase. Cancellation fees apply to all ticket bookings: 10% applies to all cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, 50% applies if cancelled within 48 hours of departure, 75% applies if cancelled on the day up to 2 hours before departure, inside 2 hours or Fail to Show - NO REFUND. Group bookings are required to give notice of cancellation more than 5 days' notice prior to tour departure to receive refunds.

Tour Participation Requirements

All tour participants must be wearing the MANDATORY clothing - Sturdy fully enclosed shoes with socks, which must completely cover the foot, enclosing the whole top of the foot (NO high heels), long sleeves to the wrist and long pants to the ankles (NO rips or tears). The only acceptable skin that can be exposed is that of the head and hands. Disposal coveralls are available to purchase if required. All participants MUST have a 0.00% zero alcohol breath reading. Failure to meet the above requirements will result in non-participation and no Refund.

Amendments to bookings

Any amendment to your booking is subject to the approval of the supplier Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters (KTC). Any approved change to your booking prior to or after final payment nay incur an amendment fee of $32.00.


We recommend that a medical examination should be partaken for those in poor health prior to the tour. No responsibility can be accepted for accident illness or misadventure or loss of goods or possessions and it is recommended that adequate insurance be taken out to cover against the above. It is recommended that participants on medication should take ample supply with them. Any physical mental or emotional disability that may require special handling or treatment MUST be advised in writing when a reservation is made.

Company Cancellation Policy

The tour operator may cancel tours where the operator believes it may be of harm to the participants, e.g; weather conditions. In such occasions a full refund or amendment to the participants booking can be made free of charge if the booking was directly made with Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters. Minimum tour passenger numbers must be reached for the tour departure to continue as scheduled.

Travel Agent Bookings

If your booking is made through a travel agent please refer to the Agents Terms & Conditions.

Accessibility - There is all day parking bays on Egan Street (opposite new Kmart) and Brookman Street (street parking behind old Kmart), both running parallel to Hannan Street. Please do not park in Hannan Street as this is 1 hour only parking. There are also designated Campervan and Caravan parking bays on Cassidy Street (between Brookman and Dugan Street) walking distance to the Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters shop.

Amenities - There are no toilet facilities available whilst on tour, public toilets are available nearby for use before and after the tour which are open Monday to Saturday.

Tour Rules

- Follow all directions given by your guide or any KCGM/KTC representative.

- Remain with your 'KCGM and/or KTC guide at all times.

- Wear the provided PPE (hi-visibility vest, glasses and hard hat) at all times.

- NOT remove any items, rocks, or objects of any form from any KCGM site.

- Stay within designated tour areas and not climb on fences or any other raised area.

- Request permission from KCGM Community Relations to publish any photos or video captured on KCGM sites on social media, or in newsletters or any other form of media.

KCGM and Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property, personal injury, death or delay incurred to tour participants. All children must be supervised at ALL TIMES by a responsible guardian whilst on the tour.

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